About Vanessa

Who is Vanessa?

  • I was born and raised in New Zealand
  • I have three adult children
    • Lucas, 24 December 1994, 9lb 9oz
    • Amy, 14 July 1996, 9lb 4oz
    • Maia, 6 November 1998, 10lb 3oz
  • I like painting, knitting, crochet, photography, movies, cross-stitch, reading and gadgets

I have been asked many times why I chose to train as a midwife. The queries come from people who either think midwifery would be a wonderful career, or are sceptical and in the dark about what midwifery entails. I had a wonderful midwife for my three pregnancies and in her quiet way she midwife inspired me. I also have a friend who started midwifery training before me and this informed me that direct entry midwifery was an option. Once the midwifery “bug” bit, I was on fire with the excitement of a career with passion, about and for women.

I have been a Registered Midwife since December 2002 and have practiced as an independent midwife, hospital midwife, and employed support midwife (locum). I have a wide range of skills that can be applied to midwifery roles. Midwifery is a job that is woman-centred and autonomous and demands excellent communication, teaching, clinical and technical skills, as well as a level of intuition. With many possible career and training opportunities, midwifery fits my abilities and personality on many levels.

What is this website about?

I have a variety of interests in addition to my career as a midwife. I believe in sharing knowledge and working smarter. If I have learnt something of value through my own experimentation or in my reading and research then I want to make this information available to other people. The web hosting was something I have done since 2002 but mostly as a way of helping friends out with affordable hosting. I stopped web hosting in 2017.

How did you learn all this stuff?

  • Bachelor of Midwifery at Massey University in Wellington completed in 2002
  • Self-taught graphics, photography and web design skills through involvement in online tutorial and sharing communities since 1999