Hobby Supplies I Use

When it comes to any hobby I like to have all the toys…within my budget. Photography has super expensive initial outlays. Knitting and crochet are not too bad and the products are pretty useful. Watercolour is my current fixation and that is proving to be very costly as well. I have set this up as a separate page because I am always fascinated by what works for other people and why. I have not yet found my watercolour zen.


  • Chiaogoo



  • Susan Bates



  • Full pans
  • Metal palettes x 2
  • Plastic palette x 1 for a small selection of M Graham paints


  • M Graham tubes – I love how pigmented these are. I have to buy them on Amazon because we don’t have a supplier in NZ.
  • Daniel Smith – expensive if I buy within NZ but very affordable if I get a bulk lot with free shipping from SAA in the UK.
  • Mission Gold – very affordable pure pigment set bought on ebay.com.au.
  • QoR – expensive but I can get them within NZ.
  • Winsor & Newton Professional are super expensive but I can get them in the city I live in. I have the 45 half-pan Cotman set and these are very usable as long as lightfastness issues are taken into account.
  • Art Spectrum – I only have one tube so can’t comment on the range.


  • Silver Black Velvet
  • Princeton Neptune
  • Prolene
  • Jackson’s Sable